Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fan Expo 2013 Wrap-up

Happy Tuesday from Prospect.

You can have it your way
So the labour day weekeend has come and gone and here I am at the wrap-up of the Fan Expo 2013 share. It was a great convention and frankly there is no way I could share all the content I gathered through those 4 days. Total attendance is said to be plus 100,000, and at times it felt it.

But simply put, if you dig Scifi or anything from animated series to full blown adventure science fiction or comic adventures, this convention is for you.

Next years is the 20th anniversary and slated for the labour day weekend.

I've included a few of my favourites I didn't share earlier. But don't think I won't be randomly dropping some others in throughout the year, just to spice up the dreary winter months.

BTW, the XPro 1 preformed admirably, without flaw. I stuck the 35mm f1.4 on it and never changed.
What a breeze.

Just wish I could have been on my toes Friday morning (7:30a) when I held the door open at Tims for Laurie Holden, duh.

Enjoy, Derek.

PS: check the captions and please comment if you feel like it.

Even Doctor Who was represented besides all the Daleks.

My daughter and son in law assessing the goodies.
Hmm, is that a good deal?

Link ready for action

Yes the week included lots of waiting. Especially for boyfriends.

Another collection of Zelda characters?

The autograph scene on Friday. It got much worse on Saturday

The autograph scene on Friday. It got much worse on Saturday

Autograph signings with Nathon Fillion

Link doing the ghost busters a favou

Your guess is as good as mine

Yes the Empire had to push it's way around. Columns of troopers abounded.

This was a great hotdog truck. Mmm love that sauerkraut.

How do Wookies do this?

Everyone got into this

Okay, I'm not sure if you see this but I would have liked to ask Amy where Sheldon was.

These were the only Planet of the Apes Characters I saw all week. Love em

Don't Judge...if you're into it then enjoy

Even the street had it's share of characters

Love him next to this poster of a kid with the stash

Walking Dead Q&A hall (105)

You'll know these two if you play Mass Effect 3.
This guy won a PS4 from EB Games for the Garrus costume 
Got Lego if ya want

Kath with Micheal Mando of Far Cry 3
Kath with the actors of Assasins Creed, Amber Goldfarb and Neil Napier

Our counter parts...Thing 1 and 2 (B). met them in the walking dead Q&A line and again later
Hope to see Helen and Joe again next year.

The Unknown Comic, turned musician?

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