Tuesday, February 26, 2013

22 MINUTE Adventures

Good Tuesday from Prospect.

Okay so last night I attended the Halifax Media & Entertainment Industry Night at 22 Minutes. It was basically a closed taping of episode 17 of the 20th season.

Terri McCulloch, 22 Minutes publicist, with the girls from NSBI behind the desk

For those of you who don't know I spent 8 weeks working on set at CBC Halifax for This Hour has 22 Minutes as assistant graphics with John Hencher (Lead Graphics for 10 years plus)

Shaun MCing after the taping

I was working there as filler, on top of working on private projects, and I still produce PR/Communication pieces for the publicist, Terri McCulloch and her assistant Rebecca Gadsden.

Cathy Jones on set before a live skit
I've been in the print industry for a long time and this gave me an opportunity to look at another field with-in the graphics/photographic industry. I'm always looking for other avenues to broaden my horizons and this one seems interesting.

This Hour has 22 Minutes has been on the air for 20 seasons (this being the 20th). I am honoured to be a part of it and I hope this great Canadian comedy stays the course and entertains us for decades to come.

We need shows like this to push our Canadian outlook on life. Especially when it comes to our politics. If we don't laugh at it we'd go mad. We are proud of being Canadian, even if we apologize for it now and again.

Susan Kent, Shaun Majumder, and Mark Critch
getting lessons from special guest
PK Subban (ep 01 season 20 opener)
One thing I'll say about this cast, Cathy Jones, Mark Critch, Shaun Majumder and Susan Kent,  they are hilarious, with the exquisite direction of the writers, producer, director and all the crew.

Yup I said it, great shows don't sustain them selves with a single star but, at least in Canada, it's the effort of the entire organization that makes it work. Sure the talent in front of the audience can make or break it but it's the group that makes that happen.

Today, I've included a couple of photos from last night and two episodes from the season starter and episode 8 (my first and last episodes as assistant graphics). As you'll see they have just as much fun making the show as we do watching.

Enjoy, Derek
Susan, Shaun, Mark and PK Doin' the Jolie

Susan Kent, special guest Jian Ghomeshi, Mark Critch, Cathy Jones and Shaun Majumder 
episode 08, season 20

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Boat Show is HERE and an old pic to start the season off!

Good Friday from Prospect.

Me at the helm in Lake Louise 1963
The boat show has finally arrived here in Halifax. It rings in the short time we have to wait until we are back on the water. It also reminds us of the chores we have ahead of us before that can happen, including the Honey-do lists. Ouch.

I hope to see allot of friends at the show and some great deals. Look out, here I come. Wish the photo vendors here in Halifax would put on something like this. Now that I would go to.

Kodak Bullet
BTW, just incase you thought I was pulling your leg about how long I've had the boating bug. That's me in 1963, first time at the helm. Go cat go!

Kodak Hawkeye with flash
This would have been taken by my Mother with her Kodak Brownie, like one of the two pics at the bottom. I have a Hawkeye (pictured with a flash attached) here but I think that's my wife's. Still trying to track down my Mom's Bullet with flash. She thought she gave it to me along with here 8mm but as I discovered after she passed away that my Dad had stashed the 8mm so the bullet is still missing. I'll find it.

Hope to see you at the show, enjoy Derek

Monday, February 4, 2013

From the Past

Good Monday from Prospect. 

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been struggling with what I want to add to the blog. I keep coming up with stupid rants. Thinking they may be interesting but all I get out of them is negative so I drop them. It's a winter thing for me. 

Well here's some positive I can share and build on.

I was rummaging through my old negatives and came across this gem. I have to apologize for my scanner. The HP scanner I have sucks at transparency scanning. It's okay for prints, but that's about it.  But Now I can't wait to get a good scan of this and make a good print.

Ambrose as an aspiring young designer and musician

The time, 1979 or 1980. The subject, Ambrose Pottie. We were class mates at NSCAD back then and shared a love of Design, Photography and Music. Our hang group consisted of Jerry (Ambrose) Jim Mantle, Elaine Frampton and myself.

I'm not sure what project this is connected to but it really doesn't matter. It is however, one of my first "one light" shots (with some available to fill the background and side). Crude but effective desk lamp. Incandescent overhead with daylight to the right and back. Well, since it is black and white who cares about colour temp right?

This would have been shot with a Yashica, medium format, TLR (two lens reflex) on KODAK PLUS-X Pan 6057 b&w negative film.

I would have shot with something like this (photo courtesy wikipedia) 

I'll post the good version once I find a decent scanning source. Wish I had found this in one of my previous lives.

Enjoy, Derek