Friday, February 22, 2013

Boat Show is HERE and an old pic to start the season off!

Good Friday from Prospect.

Me at the helm in Lake Louise 1963
The boat show has finally arrived here in Halifax. It rings in the short time we have to wait until we are back on the water. It also reminds us of the chores we have ahead of us before that can happen, including the Honey-do lists. Ouch.

I hope to see allot of friends at the show and some great deals. Look out, here I come. Wish the photo vendors here in Halifax would put on something like this. Now that I would go to.

Kodak Bullet
BTW, just incase you thought I was pulling your leg about how long I've had the boating bug. That's me in 1963, first time at the helm. Go cat go!

Kodak Hawkeye with flash
This would have been taken by my Mother with her Kodak Brownie, like one of the two pics at the bottom. I have a Hawkeye (pictured with a flash attached) here but I think that's my wife's. Still trying to track down my Mom's Bullet with flash. She thought she gave it to me along with here 8mm but as I discovered after she passed away that my Dad had stashed the 8mm so the bullet is still missing. I'll find it.

Hope to see you at the show, enjoy Derek

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