Friday, August 30, 2013

FanExpo Toronto 2013 Celeb snaps.

Good Friday from Prospect. I'm baaaaaack!

Now that I'm back I'm getting around to getting the images out about the amazing Fan Expo we recently attended in Toronto.
Ajay Fry, InnerSpace host, an interview between two couches

No doubt you've read my first two posts for Wednesday and the Thursday opening. Well here is a quick shot of celebrity pics from a variety of events. All kind and patient people, to make it short…just great people.

Ajay Fry, InnerSpace host, an interview between two couches
More Cosplay from the show on Monday.
Cast of Defiance after their Q&A on Saturday
Graham Greene, Jaime Murray, Julie Benz, Grant Bowler, Dewshane Williams, Stephanie Leonidas and Jesse Rath

Enjoy, Derek

Interview of Bitten cast by Morgan Hoffman of InnerSPACE
CLICK here to see the gallery (flash) of the interview

Me and Ken Steacy. Canadian Hall of Famer (Marvel, DC etc..)
Great guy

Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 1 of Fan Expo, officially opened for 2013

Good Friday from Prospect, well Toronto again.

After a 2 hour wait to get in, the 2013 Fan Expo is now in full force. Lots of costumes and attendees.
These are from Thusdays opening with weekend registration.

Wonder how many characters you can name. Comment with your answers.

Here are some pics from Day 1. Day 2 tomorrow. Enjoy, Derek

Kickass's identity is safe with me

Dalek front
Dalek back

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fan Expo Toronto and a deserved vacation

Good Thursday from Prospect, well Toronto for now.

Here I am at the 2013 Fan Expo in Toronto for the next 4 days.
Heading back to the hotel into the construction zone

This guy was charging 3 bucks a minute to take you through downtown.
Probably cheaper and quicker than any of the cabs.

It never ceases to amaze me how I can find construction where ever I go.
The streets in front of our hotel are in an upheaval and part of Union Station is getting a face lift from what I can gather.

Here are a couple of quick shots from yesterdays reorientation of downtown. It's been a long time since I've just come to Toronto for entertainment so I was checking out the location for good spots to shoot from.

Anyway I'll be adding lots from the convention centre floor and I hope you stay with me through out the week.

BTW, incase you were wondering, I came with my condensed kit to shoot this week consisting of a Fuji XPro-1, 35mm f1.4 and 14mm f2.8 (and a couple of triggers for flash, just incase). That should take a load off my shoulder for sure.

Enjoy, Derek

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Next Personal Project comes from a love of mine.

Good Sunday from Prospect.

Here's a teaser for ya from my next personal project which involves, you guessed it, the sport of sailing. The primary rule to be a sport is simple, if you can get hurt then it is a sport. Yes it's a sport because participants can, and do, get hurt.

Weapon of choice: Canon 5D mrk II, Canon 70-200 IS f2.8
The project involves group and individual portraiture before, during or after an event, in the flavour of street photography. It is an editorial piece and no photos will be used in product endorsement or commercial purpose except for being in the final book and featured in online blog/website features.

If you're interested in participating, and sail locally, drop me a line and we'll see if we can work you and/or your team in. 

Sorry, no fees will be paid for sessions and all image copyrights will belong to the photographer, but you will get an online copy for your personal enjoyment.

A note on sailing: IMHO
Sailing is the utmost team sport, everyone needs to do their job for the team to succeed. No hot dogs or rock stars, they just rock the boat and create a lack of cohesion, unless the entire team, of course, are as talented. Then it's just an awesome team.

Some, those who have not partaken, say it's foolish and slow. Racing should be fast they say? Well that's all relative now isn't it. Sailing is not just about going fast, although doing 40 knots in 25 knots of breeze is quite a rush and it takes a tremendous amount of skill and superior technology to achieve. If all you want is speed then watch stock car racing, now that's foolish. Going fast left, left, left done.

In sailing you pit your experience and skill against your opponent. It's about making choices of direction as well as knowing how to trim and drive. It's also about becoming a better sailor. Practice makes perfect and what better way than to pit yourself against extreme conditions and other sailors to gain experience where it may otherwise be dangerous to experience for the first time.

Anyway, all I wanted to bring up is, yes, it's sailing season here in Halifax and the teaser is a sample from the gallery, and book, soon to come. 

Canon 5D mrk II, Canon 70-200 IS f2.8
This particular event is off point pleasant and run by the royal nova scotia yacht squadron, the oldest yacht club in north america.

Once a week every sailing club in the area runs at least one race night for the members. It's a great way to hone your sailing skills and, as it was for me, learn to sail.

If you'd like to spectate, other than go out on a boat, you can watch this specific event, from Point Pleasant Park on the Halifax peninsula or from Ferguson's cove off the Purcell's cove road.

I'm quite sure any sailing club close to you puts on a weekly event for you to see or participate in.

From August 14-17 Chester race week is underway. The photos included in this post is from last Wednesday nights rnsys race night. The clubs teams were gearing up for race week and so they were fine tuning their skills.

With fingers crossed, we hope the weeks weather will be awesome sailing weather with brisk breezes and bright skies. No I'm not forgetting about the great partying for the week, that's something you need to experience for yourself after the races in Chester NS.

Keep dropping back, or sign up for rss feed, as this project develops.

Maybe we'll see you in Chester, enjoy, Derek