Monday, March 11, 2013

Street Photography in Ottawa ON, Canada

Good Monday From Prospect.

If the RibFest isn't on while you're there try the street side Poutine.
Ottawa is just across the river from Hull, Quebec. It's all good

Here are a couple of shots I took during a trip to Ottawa Canada in 2007. Great city for street photography, especially during June, festival time.

When I grabbed my gear I was just thinking of shooting the architecture of the parliament buildings, but as I turned onto Sparks Street the Rib Fest lay straight in front of me.

I was there for three days and loved every minute. Hope to go back this May/June. Maybe in time for the tulip festival, who knows.

This time I plan and getting up close with my subjects. May need to equip myself with something a little less obtrusive than a big honkin DSLR.

Enjoy, Derek
Even the posties take advantage of a great lunch opportunity.
Even if they don't look like they are looking forward to it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Trolley on the Island part 2 (AKA, The Holiday Island Adventure)

Good Tuesday from Prospect.

For today I'm going to redirect you to my photo website blog ( BLOG) instead of duplicating it here. It's more about the shoot than the time on the boat. You know, the deliverables part of the shoot. This is part two of the Holiday Island shoot, found here (Holiday Island Shoot).

Camera set-up ISO100, f8, 1/500th in vertical on a Manfrotto Pan Head

On Location on the Upper deck of the Holiday Island (ferry between Nova Scotia and PEI June 2011)

Enjoy, Derek