Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Keeping it Creative - Winter or Otherwise

Good Wednesday from Prospect.

During our last Nor-Easter
First off, sorry for taking so long to get back on this blog. I've come up with a few technical post but wanted to start this year off on a different note.

"A quick note, the blog passed 10,000 views December 11 2013. Thank You, I hope you all continue to enjoy this blog."

On to todays post.

Here we are in the dead of winter, yup for me that's exactly how I feel. I enjoy our spring and summer weather here in Nova Scotia. Yes, if it wasn't for winter we wouldn't be able to enjoy the spring. But the feeling winter gives me is dead. So with that I tend to find non outdoor recreation activities when it comes to photography. This is the season I put my nose to the grind stone and focus on design work and improving my skills, design and photographic. Any creative, photographic or otherwise, is done in studio.

Funny story. I was at a function last Friday, one about this upcoming seasons ocean racing, and a friend of mine who enjoys photography as an enthusiast, asked me what steps I took to get my gear ready to shoot outdoors this time of year. Most would state how long they take to climatize and protect their stuff from the outdoors. My answer was simple, I don't. Winter photography is just not something I find interesting. Frankly it's just white on white or lots of dead looking plants waiting for a better time of year. I suppose I could get to a ski hill and find someone interesting to shoot but that's not my environment either. Shooting people in winter doesn't work. How can you capture an individuals expression if they're covered in clothing to keep warm. So much for that facial expression. Yes I've seen a lot of portraits of women in parkas up-close in a winter environment. Sorry, studio work, no need to set it up outdoors. Only time I see to shoot outdoors is for extreme sports (snowboarding certainly comes to mind) But that's not in my bag of tricks.

Now don't get me wrong, the weather challenge is not the issue, it's about having your heart into a subject. If you can't get into what you're creating then you aren't really doing a good job.

Snowing and blowing hard enough
to not see the other side of the bay
Creativity is about expressing ideas and portraying a thought or message. Honesty is the first quality you need to do that. This not only holds true for photography but anything I do creatively. Whether it's a portrait or a brand, it needs to be honest and express the message and idea to be successful.

I suppose this holds true for any niche you may choose in your line of work. If you're not feeling the honesty and passion in what you do then your audience/client will sense it. I say take the time to explore what interests you before doing what you don't love. You'll be far better off and I bet less stressed.

Until the next post, which I may take a few people to task for posting crappy photos online (you know who you are) instead of good head shots, Enjoy. Derek