Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mother Nature thought it best to remind us!

Now as August ended, and September began, Mother Nature thought it best to remind us who's in charge.

With the lure of fabulous weather all summer, best on record, she had the idea it was time for a storm and along came Hurricane Earl.

He hit us direct but did show some mercy. He visited during the day, a rare occurrence for any hurricane, so we had the chance to watch him come and go.

The storm started first thing on the 5th (generator on by 10:00am, power out by 10:30am) and was all but gone by 12:30pm. The power stayed off until that evening.

We were well prepared and watched in awe as seas swelled with surge and walls of spray were lifted from the surface and screamed across the waves like great white curtains.

Here's a small gallery of images I took when it subsided and ventured out to assess any damage.

As you can see, with the storm all but gone, stress is lifted and the fun begins. The wind was still strong enough to knock you down if you weren't prepared for it.

Lots of leaves gone, debris on the beach and the loss of one grove of trees.

Gotta stop loosing trees to storms. That's atleast 15 in the last 15 years, one per year or more. Good thing I planted more in 2008.

Next; RNSYS Club Championship racing in Halifax Harbour - October 2010.

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