Friday, December 17, 2010

Hail the Conquering Hero!

On October 3rd 2010 the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, Halifax Nova Scotia, had it's annual club championships.

I believe the criteria to enter this race is a club boat, with at least one regatta/series win in that years season, qualifies to enter. All qualifying captains then choose from their 2 or three crew members to compete with them.

All competitors sail the clubs J22 fleet, rotating which boats they sail to even out the field and make the regatta fair for all.

This year we had 8 teams using the 5 club boats. Through a series of round robin starting at 12:00 noon the teams competed in every variation of boat and against all competitors possible.

After a full day of racing the winners emerged. Team Glenesk with Mike Archibald, Mat Archibald and Linda Langley. (above)

BTW, the winning captain receives the coveted parking spot at the club (closest to the door).

The Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, located on the Purcells Cove Road in Halifax NS, is considered the oldest yacht club in North America. With it's beginnings in 1837, and establishing it's first club house in 1860, it has been running the oldest, continuous regatta in North America, The Prince of Whales, Presented by King Edward VII.

It has since become the home of top notch sailing olympians as Paul Tingly and Lisa Ross leading todays current team.

The RNSYS is primarily a sailing club and it is their goal to encourage and enhance the sport of sailing within the membership and community. Home to close to 900 members from Canada, the United States, and international regions, the RNSYS is proud to offer instructional programs and on water activities for all ages, with our learn to sail program being the largest in Atlantic Canada.

If you are interested in the club here is the [link] to their site.

As well here is the [link] to to event itself. I hope I captured everyone of the competitors. If you are interested in any of these contact me and we can make arrangements for prints etc…

I hope you enjoy the gallery, I certainly enjoyed shooting it from the deck of Ann Aclands A31, Anticipation.

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