Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter Photography?

Hi everyone, here it is February 1 2009 in Prospect. We had about 8cm of snow last night. Kind of pretty actually. But snow isn't something we always have at this time of the year here.
I want to share a photo I shot last year at this time in Prospect Village. Camera: Pentax K10D, f/8, 1/125, ISO 200, fitted with a Pentax SMC-DA 12-24mm at 18mm. I used a circular polarizer to create the sky effect you see here. The effect is something you wouldn't normally want and shouldn't use a polarizer on an ultra wide but hey, it's the aged effect I was after.

Oh, on a different note I wanted to pass along a link to a blog by a very successful Wedding Photographer I have been following. You may not be into wedding photography but this guy will teach you more about photography in general than you ever thought possible.

His name is David Ziser and his blog is Digital ProTalk. [Link] It's definitely worth a visit.

Enjoy, Derek.

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