Friday, May 17, 2013

Another Great day on Halifax Harbour

Good Friday from Prospect.

I'll end the week with a little lighter post.

No need to rush with that spinnaker hoist, now is there.
Enjoying the weather on the Halifax Waterfront

Mar II
Georges Island in the middle of the Harbour
Thought I'd share this one with you from 2010. We were out on another exceptional day on Halifax Harbour. Well exceptional for everyone except the J24 National competitors. 

You see, you need wind to race sail boats. No wind, no competition. It was the last day of the Nationals and I don't think they got enough in the afternoon to run more than one race until the time limit. Wind picked up afterwards.

Anyway, that was the reason we went out, to watch.

The Sylva
Fortunately for us we had a wonderful afternoon, as well as anyone else that had the opportunity to enjoy this cities waterfront.

Enjoy the pics, Derek

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