Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Road Trip!

Good Wednesday from Prospect.

Three Amigos on the Road
So, Monday found me sitting inside watching the rain on another natal day. Kinda appreciated the cooler air from the weather. The two days before were hot and humid as most of the summer has turned into this year. Not complaining mind you, just it's tough sweating while standing still.

No the beach isn't full of rocks, just this one's interesting
Any way, as the day went on things started to clear, just enough for me to get ants in my pants and off the three of us went (my wife, my youngest daughter and me). Thought a drive on the south shore of Nova Scotia would work. By chance, seems to be the by chance thing I do when I get ants in my pants, Ha, ha. 

We ended up in Bayswater. It's a provincial park, so there are life guards and facilities on hand. A great out of the way, grey sand, open ocean, beach past the hectic, crowded and popular, Queensland beach, heading west off Highway 333 towards Blandford and Chester.

The water was just right to cool off and soak our feet. Well, what else do you do at a beach anyway? Besides, us three amigos enjoyed ourselves. Pics attached. Only hints of the beach though, you've got to explore it yourself, it's worth it.

Enjoy, Derek.

What else do you do at the beach
(Think I should go barefoot a bit more often to tan them suckers)
Amigos chillin at the beach

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Unknown said...

My kids used to love that rock! Jumping off of it at high tide and sitting on it and letting the water splash over them!