Thursday, June 28, 2012

Prospect sailing and skys at dusk

Good Thursday from Prospect. 

Just got back from a great sail from here to Halifax (RNSYS) today. It was another great one (second in two weeks). 

Prospect dusk sky, June 28 2012
Weather after unsettled conditions usually means good wind but lumpy seas. Today was no exception. 1-2 meter swells with 15-20 knots gust to 25.

Well I'll tell you what, if you don't dig clouds than you won't dig this. Since it's been a little stormy and unsettled here lately, here's what our sky painted for us this evening.

This pic is facing due south at dusk. Can you see the moon peaking out. Can't say I've seen too many greenish horizons.

Enjoy, Derek.

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