Friday, July 23, 2010

Whale Car launch on June 5 2010

Okay, one more from the past that I'd like to share. AsI mentioned in the introduction of the Bay of Fundy Whale Car we launched it on June 5. First at the 2010 MVOC meeting in Dieppe and finished with an unveiling at the Food Festival in Saint John.

Yes it was a long day considering we left Halifax that morning and finished up at the festival after 10p.
I must say though it was a great time. With the help of Cindy Roberts we were able to leverage some great media coverage. The photo at top is me being interviewed by CTV. I was completely caught off guard but people say I did okay, surprise.

Anyway the day went off without a hitch. The guys at the MVOC meet were great and very hospitable. We met a lot of great people with a passion for VWs.

Later on that day we went to Saint John for the Food Festival held at the cruise ship terminal. I must say it's a great spot and the food was fabulous. You can see a couple of photos of Terri McCulloch, Bay of Fundy Tourism, and myself as well as Debbie Rathwell, Bay Ferries, and myself hosting the booth and collecting ballots for a draw that evening and the, soon to be announced, name the car contest.

I've added a link to the days gallery with a 180 degree panorama at the MVOC meet. Enjoy and I'll try to stay current for now on.

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