Saturday, June 23, 2012

MultiFest in Halifax

Good Saturday from Prospect. 

MultiFest Concert Tent
Last night we attended the RBC Multicultural Festival at the  Halifax Seaport, put on by the Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia. This is an outdoor event mostly under tents.

It costs 7 dollars a head with family and student discounts (the fee covers the entire weekend) running from June 22nd to June 24th.
Check it out here: ( )

Unfortunately, being an outdoor event, it is at the mercy of Nova Scotian weather. I know, wait 5 minutes and you'll get different weather.

Well that's no consolation when you're sitting outdoors and it's only 14C and hoping the rain will stay away. The report for Saturday is 15-20mm of rain with a possibility of Thunder showers for both Saturday and Sunday (the last day of the event). Too bad, the turnout was small. 101.3 the Bounce advertised a "popular" headline entertainer, Raghav (dance/pop). Not very popular when the kids don't show up to watch, and they don't care about the weather when it's a band/entertainer they like. Maybe he'll be big when the weather clears.

So, as I was saying, we attended the Friday night concert to watch my daughters boy friend, David, and his band the "Outsiders".
They played an eclectic selection which was very well done. Totally enjoyed it. 

Brite-VU on stage
The group consists of 5 former classmates from Halifax West High School (ages ranging from 19 and under) that are continuing their careers in Music. David McLean (guitar) attended Dalhousie and heading to Berklee, Dunnery Bond (keyboard and vocals) attending Berklee, Bethany Ingraham (vocals) attending Dalhousie, Daria  Zuychenko (drums) and Stephen Weston (bass).

The concert was MC'd and hosted by C100 and 101.3 the Bounce. Local radio stations I can't say I listen to but hey. They basically play dance and pop. 

We watched a band by the name of "Brite-Vu" that came on before the "Outsiders". Comprised of lead vocal and guitar Robb Medwid, bassist Greg Erkvaara ,drummer Steve DeWolfe and Stephen Elliott lead guitar and vocals. Check them out here: ( )

David and his group donate anything they make to MYST (maritime youth standing together), an organization dedicated to building schools in Africa. Check Them out here: 

Well if the weather improves we may drop down on Sunday for a little most cultural diversity, always a good thing.

Here are a few pics from Friday night.
Have a great weekend and Enjoy, Derek.

David and Deanne. Two hands, two Cokes
C100 and 101.3 Girls MCing
The Outsiders
David McLean
Bethany Ingrahm 

David, Daria and Dunnery
David wailing (probably the God Father)

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