Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Halifax Rock Camp

Good Wednesday from Prospect.

Kissing Cousins (Brandon Lorimer vocals - (remind you of anyone?)
Last Friday I had the fortune of being invited to a concert put on by our local, young and upcoming musical talent attending this years Rock Camp. It was hosted again for a second year by the generous people at the Sacred Heart school on Spring Garden road in Halifax.

Mourning Sickness
This camp is put on every year and sponsored by Long and McQuade. It teaches young aspiring musicians and entertainers the skills to put on a full concert, including production, as well as teach them self esteem. 

If even one child goes on to a career in the music industry then thats great. But it's the self esteem and confidence that each child really takes away from this.

We were thoroughly entertained and some of these kids are truly talented. As in past years I expect to see a certain number rise to the challenge of a career in the industry.

A couple of note worthy entertainers from past camps include Joel Plaskett ( Joel Plaskett Emergency ) and Matt Mays ( Matt Mays & El Torpedo ).

Here are a few pics from the concert. It was so hot in the auditorium that, unfortunately we had to leave early. So this is just a sample of the bands that played. Sorry to those we missed. I'm also going to apologize for any mistakes in the names of the bands. The program was out of order and I even noticed the band names with the members were mixed up. If you know the correct names with the photo please send a comment and I'll rectify.

The Alligator Brunch Munch
The Alligator Brunch Munch
Sasquatch and the Squatting Turtles
Granpa Nick's Funky Crew
Going Nova
Harry Footpedal

David McLean joing in with The Alligator Brunch Munch

Enjoy, Derek

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Thanks for such a great news,and I am too much impressed from all pictures also. Thank you for posting this knowledgable news,I really like band and rocking songs also. Thank you. Halifax